Are a marquee hire company?

With marquee weddings and events as popular as ever we’ve put together this blog post to give you a bit of information about how our chairs could potentially benefit your business.


Whilst talking to your clients have you been asked if you can supply a certain type of chair that would fit in well with the theme or look that they are trying hard to create for their wedding or event?  Maybe you would like to be able to supply your client with the chair they have in mind but don’t particularly  want to purchase, store and maintain the said chair?


It’s a particularly busy period for you and your stock of chairs are all on hire, you require more chairs for other marquee jobs that you have and don’t particularly want to purchase, store and maintain more chairs that aren’t going to get the use they deserve on a regular basis?


If these situations sound familiar then heres how Jollies can help.


Ad hoc hire

If at busy periods you find yourself short of a certain type of chair then we can supply chairs for your jobs on an ad hoc basis – this enables you to be able to fulfil the job without having to purchase more chairs. We can deliver the chairs to your job or you can collect and return the chairs from our base in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire.


Regular Hire

As well as providing chairs for one off jobs Jollies can also supply chair hire for your business on a  regular basis.

This works well for marquee companies that want to be able offer a good range of chairs to their clients but don’t won’t to have to buy, store and maintain many styles of chairs. We can supply you with photographs of our chairs for marketing purposes and are also happy to provide sample chairs so your clients can see the chairs in person.



Long Term Hire

Maybe you have a particularly busy period of weddings and events coming up and would benefit from having extra chairs available for the period, this could be anything from a few weeks to a few months. In this instance we can provide you with chairs for the duration of the agreed hire, the chairs could be delivered to you at the start of the hire period and collected at the end of the hire, for the duration of the hire the chairs remain with you.



We also work with marquee companies who don’t want to store and maintain a large stock of chairs. In this instance they recommend Jollies to their clients and their clients contact us directly to discuss their chair requirements.


Our range of services for marquee companies is designed offer flexibilty for your business which in terms benefits your clients.


If your interested in discussing further how Jollies can benefit your marquee hire business then we would love to hear from you.

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