Wedding planners – how our chairs can benefit your clients and your business.

Information for wedding planners

Are you a wedding planner or event organiser responsible for helping to turn your clients visions for their wedding or event into reality?

At Jollies we understand that making this happen involves a lot of hard work and collabratitive working and having suppliers that you can rely on is essential. If you ever have demand for truly great event chairs then Jollies can help.

How can Jollies help?

Quite simply we can supply extremely nice event chairs for weddings or events that you are organising.

How does it work?

From our experience there are two ways of operating that work well.


Some planners and event organisers that we work with simply want a professional and reliable chair hire company that they can recommend to their clients, their clients then get in touch with us directly to discuss their chair hire requirements. If the client then decides that they would like to hire our chairs then the hire transaction is completed directly between Jollies and the client. If this arrangement may work for you then we would supply you with our business cards that you can pass onto your clients for them to get in touch. In some circumstances we have also left samples of some of our chairs with planners and organisers so that their clients can see the chairs in person.


Sub Hire

In many cases the wedding planners and event organisers that we work with are tasked with dealing with and booking all suppliers for the wedding or event. In this case the hire process is carried out between us and the wedding planner or event organiser and we deliver and collect the hired chairs at times arranged with the planner. If this option may work well for you then we can provide you with all the information on our chairs so that you can pass this onto your client, this would include digital images of the chairs and in some cases we can also leave sample chairs for you to be able to show your client.


We don’t just hire chairs we are on hand to help and advise

Maybe you are planning a wedding or event and are not quite sure which chair would be the most suitable. As experts in the chair hire industry we are here to help. We are happy to listen to your brief and then talk through the various options of chairs available.



You need suppliers you can rely on

Having been in the chair hire business for over seven years we understand that you need to work with suppliers for your wedding and events that you can rely on and are good to deal with.  As a full time, professional business we ensure that chairs are delivered and collected to the right place at the right time and with a smile.


We work with many wedding planners and event organisers to ensure that the events that they are working on get the chairs they deserve – if you would be interested in chatting about how our chairs could benefit your business then we would love to here from you.


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